You can be mad at The Onion all you want

…but that tweet was brilliant satire of our culture.  You hated it?  Don’t watch TMZ.  That’s all they do.  Rip people to shreds.  Don’t watch E!  They attack like dogs.  Are you enjoying the people attacking someone for wearing a not so good dress?  Kudos.  Feel good about yourself.  That poor son of a bitch wore the wrong thing.  Laugh at Joan Rivers for making fun of someone for wearing a color. Let’s put her on a list and toss that thing around for a week all over the internet.  

Yeah, The Onion made a brutal fucking joke.


That’s our society in a nutshell.  We are like a pack of attack dogs, always looking for a weakness or a reason to destroy a human. Then we’ll build then up and hope we can tear them down again.

The Onion was spot on.  That’s satire.  The fact that she’s an innocent girl is what makes the point even more poignant.  One of the reasons you don’t like it is because somewhere deep down, you know that’s what you are and you’re being called a bad person because of it by that tweet.

So, be upset all you want but don’t say it wasn’t a joke because it was.  And a very effective one.