Set It Aside For A Minute, Media

I didn’t know about the Boston explosions until a minute ago.  I was out running errands and wasn’t listening to the radio.  Horrible stuff.  Any explosions, of course, bring to mind 9/11 for anyone who lived through that awful time.

I went to the LA Times website to read what had happened.  On the front of their page is a video.  It’s an actual video of the bomb going off near the end of the race and a runner crumpling to the ground, I assume wounded by debris. I can only hope that person has been treated and is now okay. But I don’t know. 

And here’s an idea for the LA Times - have a small amount of consideration as if you are a part of the human race.  Because I had to sit through a BP ad explaining how awesome BP is as a company before I watched the video in which people were killed.  The same company responsible for an explosion on an oil rig that killed scores and devastated the Gulf of Mexico.

But congrats on making a buck, LA Times.  Don’t ever stop the capitalism, no matter how despicable or disturbing the content of the video.  

Stay classy.