Gallagher Is The Saddest Comedian Alive

We interviewed Gallagher on our podcast about a week ago.  It was a bizarre trip into the pysche of one of the saddest comedians I’ve ever encountered.

I expected him to be combative because, well, he’s always combative. The day before, he stood in front of the main theater at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival starting arguments with young comedians and expecting to have his ring kissed for his achievements. I think most comedians there just looked at him as an oddity.  

Marc Maron had previously interviewed Gallagher in a famous podcast that was aborted around 20 minutes in.  We wanted to avoid that sort of confrontation because it had already been done.  So, we took a different approach and just kept asking Gallagher questions about Gallagher.  Not what Gallagher had accomplished but who Gallagher is as a person and what Gallagher had been like back in the day.

The response was nothing short of tragic.  He is a man without comedian friends.  He is a man with no possessions, no home, no anything.  He is a man alone - and seems to have always been alone.

He is a man waiting to die.

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Oh and Paul Gilmartin is the first half hour. Whatever.